Are You in Your Job to Do Something, Or for Something To Do?

John Whitehead
1 min readJan 31, 2024

What is your Vision for your organization? Can you envision what the ideal and unique future is for your team? Try asking these questions of yourself:

  • Are you in your job to do something of for something to do?
  • • What about your job is important to you, your team, your organization, to those who use your product or service?
  • • What would give your work real meaning and purpose — inspire you to come to work everyday full of energy and enthusiasm?
  • • What legacy would you aspire to leave when it’s time to move to a new opportunity?
  • • What is your vision theme?

from The Leadership Challenge Workshop Participants Workbook (4th Ed) Pfeiffer, 2013

In this week’s vlog post I explore these questions and how they impact how you “Inspire a Shared Vision”

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